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  Most storm doors are worthless. In most cases they will be trash 12 months after you move in. Cheap and flimsy frames, and poor installation mean a total waste for the average buyer. On vinyl sided houses; storm doors are a nightmare to replace when they break. The frame is siliconed to the siding, and is not easy to remove or replace. Take a look at the kick plate, if it's flimsy metal and moves in and out easily.... it will not last 12 months.     Particle board trim that has opened up and that will allow water into the inside of the sawdust board. Look at all trim areas for cracked seams. Silicon then paint. While there look at all edges of window trim board for missing silicon on edges/tops.   This is quite typical with particle board siding, the nail protrudes out  and is hard to see with the paint hiding it from view. Thousands of nails on most houses, mean many places for water to begin rot and ruin of particle board siding. These need to be driven back in, then siliconed, then painted.  
  Under this old used kitchen sink there was black mold, rotted shelves, make shift plumbing repairs, leaking faucets, and no storage space that was safe from water leaks. This is just one example of water problems with used homes. I can't stress enough that you need to look really close at all parts of the used home.     Vinyl siding is the modern replacement for metal siding. Cheap, lightweight, and doesn't rot. Vinyl siding does break easily, fades with sunlight, broken corners are hard to replace, the heat from the sunlight can cause heat warps and uneven expansion that shows up with bucking or a wavy look. You can't paint it, crack and holes can't be siliconed, and bugs galore will hide behind all the open ends.   The new house outside carpet has been ruined by hundreds of customers going in the house in all kinds of weather. The outside carpet, plus all the caret inside will take a lot of heavy dirt tracked into the carpet. Who cleans if you buy this house?  

  Buying Used: this is a whole different matter. There will be so many things that are rotten, not working, falling apart, ruined roof, poor insulation, windows falling out of frames, floors rotten, water heater not working, leaking pipes, non-working faucets, broken appliances, doors with holes in both sides, and not up to code in many areas. Many trailer parks won't allow houses older than 1990 due to poor condition and hazards they pose. Under this old carpet, the whole floor was rotted out and needed 100% replacement.  
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