MHR Mobile Home Guide is a full report of facts and suggestions we feel can save you money and hardship in the years following the purchase of your mobile home.

This is a very informative buyers guide has over 40 pages of information on  manufactured and mobile homes. The price of $14.95 is a bargain compared to the amount of money people waste on the purchase of their mobile or manufactured home.

If you can't afford to purchase this information, you should not go shopping for a new or used home/house.
Purchasing this material will give you an excellent chance to improve your home buying skills and leave more $$$$ in your family's bank account.
Do you know what to look for
in a factory built home?

There are dozens of things you should know before you even begin to look.  Our buyers guide to manufactured houses or mobile homes gives you a "head start" in shopping and talking to any sales person.

What about the "tires and axles", what little known facts do you need to know?

Vinyl is everywhere and you need to know what to avoid or chance losing value from the day you move into the house.
Bats vs. drywall (and they aren't the flying kind of bats.)
"Gee honey, isn't that flowered vinyl in the bathroom cute?" NO! Know the problems with vinyl covered "whatever" and the best choices. Vinyl, vinyl, it's everywhere and your equity can be hurt. Be informed about vinyl choices.

Carpet in most houses is not the best grade and you need to know how the carpet is held down.

Without this complete buyers guide, you could end up saying, if only I had know before I bought this *%&*! thing. It will help you avoid that "hangover" feeling before you make a bad choice.

How about a main water shutoff in the house?

What kind of siding is best for your new house and what siding should you avoid?

Which siding offers a 50 year warranty?

There are questions you need
to ask the sales person.

Don't go shopping without this information, or be prepared for the sales person to take advantage of you.
 Once you decide to purchase
a new factory built house, it might be too late for this guide. Don't leave home without this information.

This information is intended to help you avoid paying too much for a new or used home. The buyers guide will supply you with the knowledge to keep the "snake oil" sales person from selling you a new home for $59,000 which is only worth $40,000. Put the equity into your house instead of the salesperson's bank account. Money lost to the sales person will never be included in the equity of your home. It is lost at the time you make the deal.
Why you really need a lawyer for
any house you purchase for over $15,000.

A large percentage of customers put up with little or no service after they purchase their home. A lawyer can protect your hard earned $bucks!

Don't slough off this idea. Later, after many problems arising with quality, service and workmanship, it's harder to get a lawyer and much more costly.
The essential information you must
have to make an educated choice.

Building real equity in any factory built house, means knowing what is good and what is bad. Without this guide, you take the chance on making some huge $$$ mistakes. This guide takes you through from beginning look to final set up of your factory built house. Avoiding continuous heartache can be as simple as purchasing, reading and following the suggestions in this manual.

Purchase of this manual could be the best $14.95 you spend on your new/used factory home. Pad the sales person's wallet or add value to your home... your choice.

Our Mobile Research Manual teaches you the tricks of the trade, what to avoid and what questions to ask before you put a $dollar down on any house. We show you what to know before and after you purchase. We want you to know and be able to make the best decision, helping you to avoid losing your hard earned dollars.



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